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We’re just a bunch of knife enthusiasts and ever since we could remember, we had a passion for blades that we wanted to share with the world.

We called each other, ‘Knife Fellas’.

Knife Fellas

Picking the Right Knife

There’s just something about a great blade that will put a smile on any guy’s face. A great knife becomes an extension of your arm and lets you create works of art in the kitchen or outdoors, you know? It lets you slice through vegetables and meats like… well a knife through butter. It lets you add finesse and presentation and it lets the family know who’s the boss.

But in order for you and your knife to get along, you need to know how to choose ‘em. That means doing a bit of research and reading around – otherwise you can end up with the wrong type of blade and live out the rest of your life like a schnook!

A great knife should last you a long time and it should make whatever you’re doing easier, not harder. That way you can get the best value for money and you can really go to town on that unsuspecting turkey.

The first step is getting the right knife for the job. You wouldn’t go cutting vegetables with a steak knife now, would you? Likewise, you’re going to need a specific hunting knife if you plan on doing some deer hunting (wait a minute, wrong film…).

I mean, you gotta’ know your pairing knives from your tomato knives! You need to know when you want a straight edged knife vs a serrated knife. It means being a somebody in a kitchen full of nobodies.

Then there’s knowing the quality of your knife. Are you going to go ceramic or stainless steel? How’s the weightein? Is it full tang? How’s the choil? The finger guard? The ricasso?

You need to know this stuff if you’re going to cook like a Knife Fella! What you think I’m joking? You think I’m funny, like a clown?

This stuff matters!

Here at Knife Fellas, we review a ton of great knives and talk you through everything you need to know. Anything you want, is just a browser bookmark away.

But Wait, There’s More!

But a knife on its own is only half the story.

Even the best knife is going to go blunt after a while, so you need to know how to sharpen your tool of choice. What good is a dull blade to anyone?

So you need a knife sharpener. And you need the right knife sharpener for the job. That means different sharpeners for straight or serrated blades. Maybe you want an electric sharpener to save yourself some work?

The board matters too. Not only does a good chopping board protect your worktop but it actually helps to protect the blade too when you get it right.

Oh and you need to know how to use your knife too. You know, so you don’t cut off your fingers! You can’t just grab the knife any-old-how and start chopping. What are you, a maniac?

If it’s a decorate knife you’re after, you’ll want to know your tsuba from your saya. If it’s a throwing knife? We’ll help you with that too. Don’t worry abou it.

Stick With us and You’ll be Alright!

All sounds a lot to take on board right? Well don’t worry, we’ve got your back. If you keep checking back here you’ll find reviews, guides, tips, articles, how-to s and really anything you could ever need to know about picking and using your knives.

Whether you just want to spend some time enjoying looking at some finely crafted pieces of steel, or you’re looking for specific tips and information, you’ll find it here.

The Knife Fellas are your number one source for knife-related information, so bookmark this page and learn how to wield a blade. Strap in and let’s go for a ride! and don’t forget to checkout our best guides on