Benchmade 556SBK Knife Review

I have never had too much confidence in folding knives. I always thought that fixed blade knives are more durable. Maybe they are, but I have also understood the reasons behind this misconception. Basically, most of my folding knives were terrible. Sure, I only purchased the cheapest things I could find. Until one day, when I did the math. I spent a fortune on cheap and useless stuff when I could just buy a quality knife upfront. I decided to pay more attention to these things, so my last purchase is definitely a front runner. I knew that I was going to spend a little more on a quality knife, but I also knew that it would be my most cost efficient choice.

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I analyzed a series of brands and manufacturers upfront. I actually took my time and decided on a leading name based on reputation, specializations and knives. Benchmade does not need too many presentations. From all those products, Benchmade Pardue Mini Griptilian 556SBK Folding Knife is probably a great middle choice. I fell in love with it as soon as I got it. This knife is solid for a folding knife, but it also has that special flexibility that fixed blade knives do not. It is sturdy and strong, but also usable in all kinds of situations. So, what else should you know about this knife? Why does it sell so well over the Internet?

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Sizing Proportions and Locking Mechanism

Sizing proportions are some of the main considerations in folding knives. If you have never had a folding knife before, you probably have no clue what the weight distribution means, not to mention the comfort. This blade measures 2.91 inches in length. Altogether, the whole knife has 6.78 inches when opened, so the handle has 3.87 inches when folded. A slightly larger handle is not such a good idea in large knives. But when it comes to folding knives, it becomes an actual necessity. After all, you need stability and accuracy with such a small unit.

The locking mechanism is quite important too. A poorly designed mechanism is likely to cause many accidents. You do not want the knife to accidentally open inside the pocket, just like you do not want it to fold by itself while trying to cut something. These things are less likely to happen with Benchmade’s knife. It comes with the world renowned AXIS locking mechanism. It is durable, solid and less likely to fail on you. Keep in mind that the knife is ideal for ambidextrous people. In other words, it does not matter if you are left or right handed.

Solid Materials and Styles

Materials may not be so important at a first glance, but they will most likely add to the overall durability and usability. The blade is entirely made of 154CM stainless steel. There are more types of steel out there and each of them has its own specifications. This one is better known for the extensive hardness – 58-60HRC. The blade style introduces a modified drop point. As for the edge, it is partially serrated to add to the versatility of this knife.

When it comes to the handle, it is made of molded nylon. It is extremely lightweight, so it is comfortable and less likely to put strain on your thumb. The molded design guarantees for a safe grip, while the textured surface prevents slippery. You can utilize this knife with sweaty or wet hands without any problems.

Features and Specifications Of Benchmade 556SBK

  • Weighs 2.6 ounces
  • Blade measures 2.91 inches
  • Handle measures 3.87 inches
  • Blade is made of 154CM stainless steel
  • 58-60HRC hardness
  • Modified drop point blade
  • Ambidextrous uses
  • Molded nylon handle
  • AXIS locking mechanism
  • Textured handle for a safer grip

Customer Reviews and Scores Of Benchmade 556SBK

I found more than 35 reviews for Benchmade’s knife and I went through most of them. They are encouraging enough, especially as the knife is rated at 4.8 out of 5 stars by past buyers. Over 95% of them have given it four and five star ratings, so you may also find a few minuses.

  • “I use this knife for almost a year. I use it almost daily or at least at every couple of days. It’s working like the day I purchased it. It’s definitely a good choice for everyday tasks, as well as camping trips or other outdoor activities.”

  • “Price and quality – unbeatable. Make sure that you maintain it though. If you get one of the dusty knives manufactured years ago and left on a shelf for too long, you should lubricate the mechanism for soft opening.”

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In the end, Benchmade Pardue Mini Griptilian 556SBK Folding Knife is an exceptional choice for general uses. It becomes a reliable tool while camping, gardening or just crafting and repairing stuff around your home.

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