BlizeTec Survival 5-in-1 Knife Review

For an outdoor enthusiast or a survivor in forest area, a tactical knife should be the one that is easy to use, quick to open and close, protective in several varied situations including those emergency ones, and fulfills diverse survival uses in any outdoor trip. It should be versatile enough to cut vegetables and fruits, remove plastic packs, cut woody shrubs, carve wooden figurines, sharpen sticks, clean nail dirt, help in boot sewing and repair, light fire, and give light.

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If you are looking for such features in one knife at an affordable rate, the pocket knife with LED from BlizeTec can be your best bet. You can rely on this highly withstanding knife in any situation, may it be of being trapped in a vehicle or in a forest amongst the shrubs

This rescue knife is a multi-tool designed for almost all outdoor purposes. With 420 stainless steel and high sharpness, LED light, seatbelt cutter, magnesium fire starter, and glass breaker, this tool is highly functional.

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This knife’s drop-point blade is big enough to cut shrubs, branches, plastic, canvas, cardboard, 1.5-inch limbs, ropes, and other stuff that you may need to while in outdoors. In terms of design, half of it is serrated for sawing into branches or rope, while the remaining half is straight and smooth required for cutting foods. Just whittle a branch to make diverse cuts and you will see the blade’s straight area slicing easily through it. Similarly, the blade’s serrated section passes effortlessly through the branch.

Sharpness is also adequate due to which cutting requires no effort, which is perhaps one of the strongest selling points. The blade opens up effortlessly as well as locks firmly without wriggling.

LED Flashlight

This is perhaps one of those few knives having an LED light on its rear. Powered by four LEDs, the battery works brightly for up to 12 hours, which is handy in places where no other light options exist. The flashlight holds firmly with a magnet that also makes it easy to remove it. The light is sufficient to show you the way in complete darkness.

Other Functional Tools

At the rear of the top, a magnesium-alloy fire starter exists that is removable. Just use the blade’s back to test it and it will trigger a good spark although this needs some practice. The starter is inside a cavity to ensure security if not in use.

The knife also comes with the windows breaker or buster that breaks through the window of your car, proving useful for those who wish to be always prepared. It is integrated so well that it does not affect the aesthetics or functionality of the knife. The breaker is at the handle’s base. Similarly, there is a seat belt cutter that works well.

Features and Specifications Of BlizeTec Survival 5-in-1

  • 46 oz of weight
  • 5 inches open length
  • 5 inches closed length
  • 5-in-1 knife
  • Designed for camping, survival, emergency or missions trips
  • Battery-operated LED light for up to 12 hours
  • LR621 button style cell, 4 pieces, and 6.5 mm diameter
  • Ultra sharp 3.5 inch blade of quality non-stain steel
  • Handle of anodized aluminium
  • Includes belt clip for easy carry, premium gift box, and nylon pouch
  • Lifetime warranty

Customer Reviews and Scores Of BlizeTec Survival 5-in-1

At the time of writing this review, I came across 751 reviews that made up for an average rating of 4.8 stars. Of these, interestingly, more than 85% reviews gave 5 stars to this tactical knife by revealing the most noteworthy pros: incredibly light weight, easy to carry, pocket friendly, sturdy, not too heavy, solid grip and sharpness, truly bright light, perfect size, serrated saw, safe deployments, handy functional tools, and durable edge retention.

The remaining reviews did appraise the knife, but revealed a few cons such as tight fire starter section, not so nice carry case, and a bit tricky closing. Well, these limitations do not hinder the rising number of positive reviews. Here are some customer reviews worth reading:

  • “Just wanted to say that this is an amazing knife, and really lives up to its name as a survival knife. Just got back from a month in the Himalayan mountains of Nepal, and the performance of this knife was stellar in almost every way. It is sturdy but not too heavy. It has a solid feel in your hand, and stays clipped in place even with repeated daily use.”

  • “The packaging of the product is really nice. They really took pride in the presentation. The knife is heavy so it will stand up to punishment.”

  • “This is exactly what I was looking for in a multipurpose survival knife; Compact but still easy to carry, fantastic blade quality, and sleek design. I would recommend this to anyone who is a survivalist, or anyone who wants a quality knife!”

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You can consider this knife for both general and survival use. Both the aesthetics and functionality are great and of high quality.

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