Cangshan D Series 59120 Steel Forged Chef’s Knife Review

For reducing my dependence on restaurants and cafes, my home cooking skills are sharpened enough to cook any kind of meal but with the right kind of knife. As an efficient cook, I always prefer a professional chef’s knife that is affordable as well as versatile enough to do several tasks, including peeling and slicing. Another important criterion for me is durable despite heavy use, meaning, the knife should last even after months of heavy use. Perfectly fitting well on my both the criteria was the Cangshan D series 59120 knife when I was looking for knives online. It has been a year and till today, it has never disappointed me.

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Highly Friendly Design

Reflecting a distinct mix of Japanese design and German forged steel, this knife is composed of very fine steel as well as wickedly sharp blade and smooth handle that is comfortable in the hand. When you first hold in your hand, it gives a feeling of a medium weight, which is neither too stiff nor too flexible.

I have used several types of knives during my 30 years of cooking time, but very few have this high level of quality and feel. Yes, I agree that this knife is made in China, but it is super in terms of hardness and quality because of its forged German steel. Value is ensured through both functionality and aesthetics.

Blade Forged from Best Steel

Cangshan is admired for its knowhow for designing lasting knives for longer heavy-use. To ensure this even in this chef’s knife, the brand has used the German sourced X50CrMoV15, tested high-alloy steel incredibly holding the edge for long as well as honing rapidly for staying sharp. Obviously, such a blade is superior in quality than the stamped sheet steel found commonly in Victorinox models.

The steel is also responsible for superb balance of hardness, edge retention, and longer lasting functionality. This forged, full-tang knife is also admired for its ability to ensure astonishing balance, with adequate weight on the handle to split thick veggies as well as with proper weight on the blade at the same time for effortless chopping and rocking.

Expert Hand Sharpening

The blade of this knife is sharpened manually by the experienced knife makers. They have sharpened it such that it is now bears a razor sharp Asian edge.

Smooth Handle

The handle of this knife is smooth and comfortable enough to avoid slippage at any point. I have to agree that it is user-friendly.

National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Certified

This certification indicates that this knife has met their standards for quality, safety, and performance. This makes this knife more reliable.

Cangshan D Series 59120 Features and Specifications

  • Made in China
  • 1 lbs weight
  • NSF approved
  • Silver color
  • Well-balanced 5-inch handle
  • Full-tang, 8-inch blade with Asian style cutting edge
  • Redesigned classic handle
  • X50Cr15MoV German Steel having a hardness level of HRC 58 +/- 2 on Rockwell scale

Customer Reviews and Scores

While writing this review, I came across 48 customer reviews. All of them together made up for the overall rating of 4.8 stars. Interestingly, 83% of these reviewers gave five stars by justifying it with the help of some pros: good presentation box with magnetic lid, lightweight, sharp, hard steel to stay sharper for longer, right curvature for cutting, great control with ease of moving your hand up, comfortable and smooth handle for chopping, solid forged blade, affordable, and no slippage.

The remaining reviews, however, came up with some minor cons or limitations such as made in China although quality is excellent, no sheath, and thinner and a bit bending blade. Well, these cons do not hinder others to recommend or buy this knife. Here are some customer reviews worth reading:

  • “Believe the hype. I was skeptical because of the high number of reviews, and nothing really negative to say. But trust me; it’s all that and some. Now, I’m not a professional by any means, but I like to think I know my way around a kitchen, and this knife is a value. Good steel, comes in a presentation box, has a wicked edge on it already and I can’t wait to see what a water stone can do to it.”

  • “This ended up surprising me and easily equals a Global or Wusthof knife at 3-5x its price. The Japanese design with German steel is an odd mix, but it’s great in the hand, is well balanced and is well presented in the packaging/box it arrives in.”

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This forged knife from Cangshan genuinely surpasses any chef’s knife that I have used until now. The weight, size, balance, and sharpness are truly good. It is a very decent knife for the money.

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Cangshan D Series 59120

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