Cangshan D Series 59168 7-Inch German Steel Forged Santoku Knife Review

Cangshan is a professional brand known for its unique amalgamation of Eastern and Western styles, best strength, stunning performance lasting for years to come, and superb sharpness. Professionals truly admire such knives and feel proud to use them, of which one of them is the Santoku from D series. This Santoku differs from its X series’ Santoku in terms of weight and price. This one is more affordable as well as lighter, perhaps!

A Santoku is simply not for cutting in a rocking motion just as the chef’s knives of German style are. In fact, it is ideal for the up and down quick motion because of its flat design. This is exactly what even this Santoku does. I had chosen this knife along with some forged Wusthof models.

I have to agree that is impressively durable, as it holds its edge even after usage from a few months. This makes it on par with the Wusthof knives. You can use this Santoku almost daily just to see how smoothly it slides through tomatoes without any resistance or crushing. At the same time, the grip and comfort are just parallel to any high quality knife.

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Blade Forged from Best Quality Steel

Cangshan knives are ideal for heavy duty use. Do you know the secret behind it? Well, it is because the German steel that their knives tend to embrace. Even this Santoku is made up of this German X50CrMoV15 steel, a tested allow known for its longer lasting sharpness. This steel allows edge retention for long and quick honing for the same.

The sharpness is such that slicing through a lime happens as if it is butter. This knife has been sharpened by hand to deliver an Asian style edge. The forged, full-tang blade reflects excellent craftsmanship by ensuring hardness, edge retention, and lasting performance for years.

The sharpness of blade is such that it can cut through even a hard item smoothly. The blade of German forged steel merges well the Japanese finished handle. Moreover, the full tang with Asian style cutting hollow edge delivers the desired strength.

The Ergonomic Handle

Ergonomically, the handle is effortless to grip as well as allows taking the desired control even if your hands are wet. The handle is also well balanced to work rapidly on anything you throw at it. The credit goes to friendlier re-design that also focuses on good comfort level.

National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Certification

Any certification simply says that the product has conformed to quality standards and so is this one. The NSF certification indicates that this knife has met standards of safety, performance, and quality. This simply ensures you reliability.

Cangshan D Series 59168 Features and Specifications

  • Made in Japan
  • 0.75 pounds
  • NSF approved
  • Silver color
  • Well-balanced 5-inch handle
  • 7-inch blade with full tang and Asian cutting edge with hollow ground indentations
  • Redesigned classic handle
  • X50Cr15MoV German Steel having a hardness level of HRC 58 +/- 2 on Rockwell scale

Customer Reviews and Scores

At the time of writing this review, I came across 11 customer reviews, which together formed an overall rating of 4.6 stars. Surprisingly, 93% of these reviewers fully favored this knife by giving five stars and revealing some most wanted pros: Stays sharp, edge retention for months, easy grip and control even with wet hands, good balance, good price, razor sharp,

The remaining reviews also like this Santoku but pointed out to some minor cons or limitations such as rust on top edge. Well, this con does not completely overshadow the pros of this Santoku. Here are a few customer reviews worth reading:

  • “This knife cost just over $40 AUD delivered and I have been using it for over 2 weeks and I am surprised at just how good it is. Not hand crafted Japanese or German good but for a knife made in China it’s excellent and very sharp and staying that way. Very good knife and no sign of rust as commented by someone else.”

  • “Just received the knife, it’s nicely balanced and razor sharp. A good feel in hand. Obviously time will tell, but first impressions are excellent for this price.”

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This is just another high quality Santoku available at a more competitive price than the X series. Choose this one if you are on a tighter budget and yet require extreme sharpness like razor, solid construction, and lasting consistent performance. This one is truly a great sharp knife that is distinctly built by mixing Japanese finishing and German forged steel for forming not only cool esthetics but also smooth cuts.

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