Cangshan K Series 59199 Steel Forged Santoku Review

Santoku knives from Cangshan are my favorite, as they are smoother, longer lasting, and perform in the up and down swift motion precisely due to the suitable flat design. Cangshan is a professional brand that is admired for its super strength, superior qualities, and distinct but beneficial mix of Western and Eastern styles. The 7-inch Santoku from the brand’s K series finely reflects aspects.

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Unlike the Santoku from D and X series, this one is coated in ceramic to keep rust at bay, which otherwise is possible due to stainless steel construction as well as in titanium for ensuring non-sticky output. Perhaps this is why this Santoku is costliest of all three Santoku knives. Even the look of handle is totally different, although the feel and grip are not compromised at all. And yes, even the color is not silver like the D and X series Santoku models; it is black!

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Unique Design

Cangshan is zealous to offer practical, distinctive, and highly durable design that will last for years. The design of this Santoku is exactly an epitome of this passion. It merges the German steel body into the Chinese workmanship in the most unthinkable manner. While Chinese products are infamous for their cheap functionality, this knife reverses this belief through its smooth performance.

The steel construction is forged, while the hardware finish is titanium coated both of which adds to the durability of this black tool. This is something that even the professional chefs are proud of. The external case in which it comes simply adds to this pride due to its black beauty.

Best Quality Steel for Sharp Blade

The blade is truly very sharp right out of the box. However, the plus points of this blade do not end here. Even more astonishing as well as admirable is its construction material – the German X50CrMo15 steel, a clinically tested high quality alloy that is matchless.

Because different metals such as molybdenum, silicon, and manganese are present in this alloy, each of them gives unique qualities to this Santoku. To be specific, the presence of carbon leads to boosted edge retention, more resistance to stains, more hardness, and improved tensile strength while the Chromium contributes to better corrosion resistance. Full tang also adds to durability.

These features make this Santoku ideal for heavy-duty and commercial usage.

The Ergonomic Handle

The handle is ergonomic, meaning you are ensured of comfort, control, and grip even if your palm is wet. It is truly effortless to get the desired control as well as grip in such a situation. The handle is also such that it gives you perfect balance while working quickly with any item.

Cangshan K Series 59199 Features and Specifications

  • Made in China
  • 1.8 lbs of weight
  • NSF approved
  • Black color
  • Well-balanced 5-inch handle
  • 7-inch blade with full tang, Asian style cutting edge, and titanium coated non-stick blade
  • Unique patent pending design for redesigned bolster and ergonomic handle
  • X50Cr15MoV German Steel having a hardness level of HRC 58 +/- 2 on Rockwell scale

Customer Reviews

While writing this review, I came across 10 customer reviews, which together formed an overall score of 4.9 stars. Up to one’s surprise, 90% of these reviewers gave five stars to this black Santoku and justified the same by pointing out a few most admirable pros: very sharp, good cuts, no rusting due to ceramic coating, attractive packaging, great price, too easy to clean, top notch quality, and cool performance.

The rest of the reviews also liked the knife but came up with some minor cons or limitations such as not dishwasher safe. Well, this does not stop one from purchasing or recommending this black Santoku knife. Here are a few customer reviews worth reading:

  • “Very sharp and nice cutting knife. Ceramic coating to keep knife from rusting, haven’t put in dishwasher, so can’t tell you how effective coating is for making knife dishwasher safe, but good knives should be kept out of dishwashers. Hand wash and dry.”

  • “Cangshan has made an extraordinary knife for an ordinary price here — better than advertised. I’m ordering a second one so that I’ll never be forced to use my old knives which are simply no fun to use, at least compared to this one. I got carried away and chopped way too much raw ginger because I was enjoying it so much. Extremely easy to clean up.”

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I was hesitating to buy this sharp as well as high quality Santoku in the beginning due to its reasonable price. However, price does not overshadow these qualities. You can use this knife almost daily for cutting even awkward or tough items. It also suits any modern kitchen with its pretty black look.

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