Cangshan N Series 59106 8-inch German Steel Forged Chef’s Knife Review

I was looking for a chef’s knife before three months by researching online. On some review portals including Amazon, many of my friends had commented positively on Cangshan knives. Therefore, I started exploring this brand before looking for its products. Most of my friends agreed that Cangshan is highly professional enough to design kitchen knives boasting the unusual blend of Easter and Western style knives, practical functionality, competitive price range, supreme strength, and durable quality. For a minute, this made me quite skeptical about this brand, as no one would give such upscale features at an affordable price.

However, the reviews that I read practically convinced me to buy a Cangshan chef’s knife. I finally brought the N series 59106 German steel forged chef’s knife. What convinced me to bring this knife was its buyer endorsed durability, balanced grip, and great looks lasting for long even after daily, heavy use.

When arrived, this knife gave an impression of being a high end model being the choice of most Michelin-starred chefs. To be more precise, the knife seemed like a piece of art, at the first glance. It is almost impossible to judge from the appearance that the German steel blade and Chinese workmanship together than form such an aesthetically pleasing and reliably performing knife. It comes out razor sharp from the box that is quite beautiful and has magnetic clasps. The sharpness is such that it can pass through even frozen items smoothly in no time.

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Best Carbon Steel Blade

The blade cuts through things just like passing through butter. Yes! It is that smooth. Even the edge retention, with some proper care and maintenance is longer than expected. The hard feel convinces one of durability for sure. So, what is responsible for all these qualities? Well, it is the stainless steel material! This steel is no ordinary steel used in constructing household items. Rather, it is top-notch German X50CrMo15 steel, which is a tested alloy of superior quality.

This alloy is made up of carbon and several metals, each giving its distinct qualities to this chef’s knife. While carbon is responsible for more edge retention, boosted hardness, greater resistance to stains, and higher tensile strength, Chromium adds up to more corrosion resistance. Moreover, the full tang design contributes to durability. Due to these aspects, this chef’s knife is ideal for commercial and heavy-duty use. The blade is resistant to both rust and stain.

The Ergonomic Handle

Cangshan knives are known for their lasting edge and consistent performance. This is well reflected by the ergonomic design of the handle. This knife’s handle is so comfortable and grippy that you can hold it well even when your palms are wet. The control level is just as per one’s desire even in such a wet palm. The balance is actually good while handling this knife to cut any item quickly.

Features and Specifications

  • Made in China
  • 1 pound of weight
  • National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) approved
  • Silver color
  • Well-balanced 5.5-inch handle
  • 8-inch blade with full tang and Asian style cutting edge
  • Unique patent pending design for comfortable and easy grip
  • X50Cr15MoV German Steel having a hardness level of HRC 58 +/- 2 on Rockwell scale

Customer Reviews and Scores

At the time of writing this review, I came across 7 customer reviews together making up for an overall score of 4.2 stars. Almost 57% of these reviewers loved this chef’s knife and gave five stars to it. They justified the same by agreeing with the most admirable pros: Solid construction, amazingly sharp blade, great balance, effortless slicing and chopping, longer edge retention with proper handling, high-end look, good packaging box, durable, dishwasher safe, and cutting as if passing through butter.

The remaining reviews also liked the knife without saying anything negative about the knife, but have somehow given rating of below 5 stars. Except for one, all other remaining reviews have admired this knife. Only one reviewer has said that the handle is a bit heavy making it a bit unusable. However, this is the comment of only reviewer, which does not tend to overshadow the aforementioned pros. Here are a few customer reviews worth reading:

  • “This knife is absolutely fantastic. The blade is amazingly sharp, fantastically balanced and makes chopping and slicing effortless. With proper handling and maintenance it holds its edge very well.”

  • “Looks super high end almost like a piece of art. It came in a beautiful box with magnetic clasps, cuts through things as if they were butter, I wish they had paring, bread knives.”

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I would suggest this chef’s knife for any professional or home owner who cooks on a regular basis. It is solid and has amazing value for your money. Very few knives come at par with this one.

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