Chef’s Choice 1520 Sharpener Review

A knife sharpener may not look like the most obvious necessity when you first get a quality knife. Sure, it might maintain its razor sharpness for months, but the truth is that sharpening is part of the overall maintenance. Sooner or later, you will have to do it anyway. What do you do then? I thought that any random sharpener could help me in the process, but I was wrong. I got a random thing from a local market, but it ended up crooking my best knife. Instead of a long sharp blade, I ended up with an S shaped edge. I threw both of them away and decided to just get a quality sharpener next time.

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I went through more products and brands before deciding on one. Obviously, you cannot research every random product in commerce, but at least focus on the ones from reputable manufacturers. This is how I found Chef’s Choice 1520 Angle Select Diamond Hone Sharpener. Everyone has heard of this brand, but not everyone knows that it also creates knife sharpeners. This unit underlines professionalism – electric operation, diversified options, guides and comfort. There is just nothing else you can ask for. Now, what other features should you be aware of before buying this sharpener?

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Three Stages for Multiple Uses

Most knife sharpeners come with a couple of stages. One of them is usually designed for dull knives, while the other is meant for fine polishing and relatively sharp knives. This model is different though. It comes with three different stages. Not sure what really works for you? Get a cheap and inexpensive knife upfront and try the sharpener on it. It is important to figure how each stage works, not to mention the speed and motor. With these aspects in mind, the sharpener should not be used for classic sharpening operations only. Instead, it is just as handy for regular maintenance. Even if your knives still cut, they do require sharpening every once in a while.

Another good news is that this sharpener works for any type of blade. Got a straight knife? Every sharpener can handle it. Got a serrated one? Only a few electric units can work on serrated blade. Most other sharpeners are useless at this level. Single and double bevel knives can go through the sharpener with no problems at all. If you have tried sharpening serrated knives with cheap or average straighteners, you have probably noticed already that they cause even more damage. This one is rated to work on this construction, so there is no way to go wrong with it.

How about the knife style? Even easier. Everyone knows that European and American knives are different. Their edge goes to 20 degrees. Asian knives are even thinner, but also more flexible – 15 degrees. No matter what kind of knives you got, there is no way to fail in properly sharpening them.

Comfort and Microscopic Polishing

The sharpener comes with some patented technologies. From this point of view, it has some flexible polishing disks. The result is not visible because the edges are microscopically polished. You will notice the difference when you sharpen a dull knife, but also in the long run. The diamond abrasives are not used to sharpen only, but also to hone. Not sure how to do it? Have no fear, as there are a few guides coming with the package.

The sharpener measures 12×6.2×6.4 inches. It comes with a three year limited warranty. It has nonslip feet for extra stability, as well as a wide empty area to hold it in place.

Features and Specifications Of  Chef’s Choice 1520

  • Measures 12×6.2×6.4 inches
  • Comes with a three stage sharpening system
  • It can sharpen serrated, single bevel, double bevel and straight blades
  • Can sharpen European, American and Asian style knives
  • Comes with a patented polishing technology for microscopic results
  • Good for both sharpening and honing
  • Comes with informative guides
  • Has a three year limited warranty

Customer Reviews and Scores Of Chef’s Choice 1520

I went through 75 reviews for this knife sharpener. Customers are impressed by its capabilities. Given the score – 4.7 out of 5 stars, it obviously has a few complaints as well.

  • “I have sharpened knives with stones for decades. It takes plenty of time and patience. I thought to give this sharpener a shot and I was impressed. I conduct most of my work with this funky appliance now.”

  • “This knife sharpener is well built and will probably last for many years. It has a small flaw though. The edge area near the handle is not sharpened so well.”

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In the end, it is easy to realize that Chef’s Choice 1520 Angle Select Diamond Hone Sharpener will tackle each of your sharpening necessities. It is quite common in professional kitchens as well and not only in residential environments.

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