Chef’s Choice 320 Diamond knife Sharpener Review

Not sure why and when you might need a knife sharpener? Prevention is the key, while maintenance is the main purpose. I was in the same situation until my chef’s knife stopped cutting after half a year of everyday uses. I bought a random knife sharpener from the nearest store and got to work. The result? Dramatic! My knife got quite dull, but I could also see a winding line across the edge. There was nothing I could do for it, so I promised myself that I would be more careful regarding the next knife sharpener. Obviously, you get what you pay for, so this industry makes no exception either.

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My next choice was based on nothing but reviews and ratings. I wanted to purchase something that most people are happy with, even if it was going to cost me more. After all, it makes no sense to ruin an expensive knife with a cheap sharpener, as the long term costs are way higher. So said, so done! I found Chef’s Choice 320 Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener, White at a friend’s recommendation. I took my time to go through its features and I was pleasantly surprised. Once I received the package, I understood why it is so popular – precise, safe and multifunction. Now, what are the leading features associated with this sharpener?

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Multiple Stages and Blade Durability

The more stages a knife sharpener has, the more sophisticated it looks. Besides, you gain access to finer “tuning” features as well. This model comes with two different stages. Their operation principles are patented, so you are less likely to find these technologies in other brands. One of these stages is based on stropping. The second one polishes the blade for a fine touch. Using the right stage depends on how dull your knife is. If you want to sharpen an old dull knife, the first stage is highly indicated. Once you get it reshaped a little, take it through the polishing stage for a finer result. If your knife is relatively sharp, use the polishing stage only.

The sophisticated polishing mechanism does not just sharpen the edge, but it also strengthens it. You are less likely to end up with a winding shape. At the same time, the angle is optimally selected for extra durability. When most people take their knives through maintenance, sharpening once a month, you can do it less frequently. The results of your work with last over long periods of time, regardless of how often you use your knives.

Solid Quality Standards and Precision

Although not everything might be visible on the outside, you should definitely pay attention to what is on the inside as well. The 100% diamond parts for honing represent some of the best features. Basically, these elements are known to be quite durable, but this sharpener guarantees for everlasting operations. Besides, the precision is thoroughly underlined by more elements. An internal spring guides you when you put the blade in. It chooses the optimal angle according to the blade type and dullness. Even if you have never used such things before, you are less likely to make any mistakes.

This whole system is extremely safe for all knives. Even if you have just purchased an expensive set, you can leave yourself in good hands and maintain them by the book.

Features and Specifications Of Chef’s Choice 320 Diamond

  • Two stage system
  • Patented technologies in honing and polishing
  • Long lasting edges
  • 100% diamond honing
  • Precise angle guidance for more types of knives
  • Safe to use with quality knives
  • Measures 12×6.2×6.4 inches
  • Comes with a three year limited warranty
  • Weighs 1.2 pounds

Customer Reviews and Scores Of Chef’s Choice 320 Diamond

I went through about 100 reviews for this knife sharpener. Most customers are impressed by its capabilities. After all, it is no surprise why it scores 4.7 out of 5 stars. Of course, you may still find some small complaints here and there as well.

  • “I received this model as a gift. At this point, I realized that no matter how traditional the stone is, its requirements are a killer. This thing sharpens all my knives within minutes. No patience, no sweat and no experience needed!”

  • “Works good if you actually practice. Use a cheap knife or an old dull model to learn how it’s done. Otherwise, you’ll damage your best knife – like I did. Read the manual too.”

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In conclusion, Chef’s Choice 320 Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener, White represents one of the main solutions for most types of knives. Even particular knife manufacturers recommend this device, not to mention stores. It is built to deliver – no doubts about it. It does not have any fancy features, but just the main requirements for a simple and clear operation. With these ideas in mind, it is popular in both residential and professional kitchens.

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