Chef’s Choice M130 Knife Sharpener Review

Almost everyone has one of those cheap sharpeners you can find everywhere – from the nearest store to the largest supermarket. But then, there is a moment in life when you need to make that upgrade to a more professional unit. When is that time? Simple – when you get your first quality knife. Whether it is a chef’s knife, a vegetable knife or any other type, it is imperative to care for it accordingly if you want it to support you for many years. Also, it does pay off to invest in a knife harpener that can easily raise to your expectations. Unfortunately, my first one was a bad choice. I did not even check its features, as I assumed that every sharpener does the same job. Bad idea!

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I did take my time for the second sharpener, only because I did not want to ruin another quality knife. I found Chef’s Choice M130 Professional Sharpening Station, White among the best rated sharpeners in commerce – many positive ratings. In other words, it sells and it does a good job. Once I got it, I understood why it was so popular. Simply put, this sharpener will guide you by itself, but it also offers an unmatched sharpness. All my knives cut like when they were new. So, what should you know before spending your money on this sharpener? Why is it so popular over the Internet?

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Multifunction Sharpener with Extra Precision

This sharpener works with pretty much any knife out there, regardless of the brand – no name knives make no exception either. Of course, there are a few exceptions coming from knife manufacturers, but mostly because they want you to buy their own sharpeners. All in all, this multifunction unit can do everything for you. It offers a top-notch sharpening quality, but it is just as handy for steeling and stropping. It does pay off to do your homework and research its effects over specialized knives though, only to make sure that they can fit in. Other than that, you can try the sharpener on a cheap knife to gain some experience with it.

Precision leaves no room for mistakes either. Basically, you do not require any experience at all. While you should know how to hold the knife and run the sharpener for good results, the precision angle guide will offer an exquisite assistance. It puts the knife at the optimal angle my itself. This way, the knife will be restored to its original sharpness or even sharper. Different types of knives will be held at different angles, but the guided assistance will lead you in the right direction.

Three Stage System and Multiple Capabilities

The knife sharpener comes with three stages. Most of these things barely have two stages, but Chef’s Choice has taken this venture farther. Stage one offers 100% diamond sharpening. Stage two comes with hardened miniature steel, while the last stage offers flexible stropping disks. Unlike many other sharpeners, this one can also work on serrated blades. Whether you got fine edge knives or serrated blades, there is nothing to worry about. The result will be consistent, sharp and qualitative.

Also, you can resharpen pretty much any type of knife, whether it is a kitchen, folding, sports, hunting or pocket knife. Minimum metal removal standards aim to keep your knives in the best possible shape.

Features and Specifications Of Chef’s Choice M130

  • Can work with almost any brand or knife
  • Used for sharpening, stropping and steeling
  • Angle guidance, regardless of the knife type
  • Precise sharpening angle
  • Can sharpen serrated blades too
  • Can resharpen any type of knife, from pocket knives to hunting knives
  • Comes with a three stage system
  • Stage one is based on 100% diamond
  • Stage two is based on hardened miniature steel
  • Stage three is based on stropping disks

Customer Reviews and Scores Of Chef’s Choice M130

I found over 620 reviews for this knife sharpener. I obviously did not go through all of them, but the overall score is impressive enough – 4.6 out of 5 stars. More than 90% of all reviewers have claimed this knife to be perfect or almost perfect.

  • “I was worried about losing too much metal while sharpening, but this sharpener proved me wrong. Make sure you read the manual and you should have no problems. Excellent buy!”

  • “This sharpener is good, but you better practice with anything else than your best knives. I tried my best chef’s knife first and I lost a lot of metal during the first stage.”

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In conclusion, Chef’s Choice M130 Professional Sharpening Station, White is great for your knives, regardless of what types you use. It is quite common in both residential and professional kitchens. While it does need a little practice, the angle guidance should not cause too much trouble. It is easy to use and intuitive as well.

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