Cold Steel Voyager XL Tanto Plain Edge Knife Review

Undecided about what makes a good hunting knife? You are not the only one worried about these elements. The truth is that most people have no clue what to look for, so their first decisions are usually worthless. Fortunately, a little research can open a lot of doors in terms of education.

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Cold Steel Voyager XL Tanto Plain Edge Knife is among the best selling and rated hunting and tactical knives over the Internet, so there must be something good about it. It is made of quality materials, but it is also built with professional purposes. So, what else should you know about it?

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Superior Blade

When compared to other hunting knives in this segment, this model certainly comes with a superior blade. The size is one of the first considerations. Most blades are designed for small and medium prey, as well as basic operations. They barely reach to four inches. This model is different though. It measures 5.5 inches in length, so the knife becomes a massive and dangerous tool that can easily become your best companion in the wilderness. The blade is also extra wide, not to mention its actual thickness – 4mm. All blades in the Cold Steel Voyager collection are laser cut.

They are also made of AUS-8A III steel. It is quite rare in this segment because it is more expensive, but also more qualitative. Its potential is hard to overlook. It will never rust or corrode, whether you use it on rain or even underwater. As for the thin, it is quite thin, so sharpening it should never cause any issues. The cutting surface is slightly curved along the whole blade though. Slicing and cutting is efficient and effortless. The manufacturing method is just as important. After all, blades in this collection are heat treated and come with high carbon content. From this point of view, sharpness retention will never become a problem for you.

Durable Handle

The handle is supposed to match the blade in terms of durability and quality. The good news is that it measures 6.75 inches in length. This is more than enough for anyone – including those with large hands. Those average handles in this segment may often seem inappropriate and uncomfortable for them – but not this one though.

Despite the large size, this model is a folding knife. Opening and using it should never cause any issues Besides, the handle is also patterned. Whether you use it underwater, on a rainy day or with sweaty hands, it is less likely to slip if you hold it firmly. You do not have to exaggerate though.

Its molded profile makes it even better. First, you got a firmer grip, so it adds to your precision and efficiency when cutting something. Second, it is also safer to know where to keep your fingers, especially if you are a newbie.

Other Useful Features

The knife weighs around 6.5 ounces. You might notice some disproportions when comparing the size to the weight. However, this weight is quite handy for both comfort and efficiency. Basically, this model is light enough to be easily maneuvered, but also heavy enough to ensure a precise and clean cut.

Parts are not only laser cut, but they are also hand fitted together for extra precision and stability. Every knife in the Voyager collection goes through this process, so you will never get a defective knife that must be returned. You can go hunting or knifing as soon as you get it by your door.

The Tri-Ad locking mechanism is patented. It is currently the best rated lock in the world due to its strength, low maintenance and reliability.

Features and Specifications of Cold Steel Voyager

  • Weighs 6.5 ounces
  • Blade measures 5.5 inches
  • Handle measures 6.75 inches
  • Blade made of AUS-8A III steel
  • Thick blade – 4mm
  • Thin cutting edge for easy sharpening
  • Curved edge for more efficient cutting
  • Heat treated blade
  • High carbon content in the blade
  • Texture patterned handle
  • Patented Tri-Ad locking mechanism
  • Hand fitted parts

Customer Reviews and Scores of Cold Steel Voyager

I have read over 150 reviews for Cold Steel’s knife. With 4.8 out of 5 stars, it is certainly among the best rated units in this segment. Over 96% of all buyers have given it maximum scores.

  • Nothing compares to the first impression. This knife stunned me. It looks unusual for a tactical knife, but it excels from all points of view. What a great buy!”

  • I have three characteristics to mention – large, razor sharp and durable. They say everything about this great knife!”

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In conclusion, it is easy to realize why Cold Steel Voyager XL Tanto Plain Edge Knife is among the best knives in this category. It is ideal in any outdoor situation – from camping to hunting.

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