DMT WM8EF-WB DuoSharp Knife Sharpener Review

Sharpening the different kinds of cutleries is always a need of many of the professionals. As I have also various kinds of cutting tools in my house. But, most of these are very old, and have lost their sharpness. I was in hunt for a common sharpening tool that can hone all of my cutting equipments. And while exploring the online stores and seeing the reviews of different brands, I have found DMT WM8EF-WB 8-Inch DuoSharp to be the most helpful one.

DMT WM8EF-WB DuoSharp Knife Sharpener

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A sharpener with the highest power

The foremost fact about DuoSharp is that it is the diamond-based sharpener, and possesses the capability of honing, sharpening, and lapping the blades into some razor sharp, keen edges. The sharpener is so effective that its power can be compared to the ability of 6 sharpeners. The DuoSharp sharpener that has the dimension of nearly eight inches is the most popular model as it has modern double-sided structure.

Monocrystalline diamond parts include both coarse and fine diamonds. They are able to renovate any kind of blades in order to give your razor sharpness. DuoBench Bench Stone that is integrated makes the product perfect for bench or counter use. The sharpening system can also help in the knuckle clearance.

A slip-resistant mat is also integrated into the product in order to component in proper place, at the time of using it. The product is able to sharpen an extensive range of tools and knives. The product is able to sharpen an extensive range of tools and knives. The widespread diamond part works properly, while sharpening any small and pointed tools. The appliance does not need any oil for maintenance, thus it hones dry or using only water. The level of durability of the machine also ensures that it can be very consistent or dependable solution for several sharpening jobs in future.

Tools that can be sharpened

As the machine has a big surface, it is able to manage several sizes of tools. It functions efficiently in order to sharpen anything like knives, carbide router pieces, flat blades, chisels, gouges and many more.

The diamond structures that have been included in the system are able to hone faster and better than those structures, which are created with polycrystalline diamond. There is 45 micron surface on the side of the coarse diamond, and it is able to repair the blunt blades very fast. The fine part covers 25 micron surface area, which can offer razor sharp frame.

Why the machine has faster performance

The most notable benefit of the system is its capacity to lessen the time of sharpening.  In fact, it is possible because of the already stated monocrystalline surface. Your blades are likely to hone in nearly half the period of time taken by common sharpening stones.

DMT WM8EF-WB Features and Specifications

  • Flexible sharpening
  • Advanced diamond surface
  • Compact design
  • Consistent performance

Customer Reviews

The average users’ reviews show that the product got 4.6 stars.

  • ‘‘This is a great tool when you want to sharpening anything. I have bought this machine also because it is quite cheaper than any other machine.’’

  • ‘‘There is coarse side in one part of the stone, while another part is extra coarse. It is big enough for common knife. I have now replaced all the conventional oilstones.’’

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DuoSharp helps to keep the condition of the tools stable. In general, the modern design as well as excellent structure makes DMT WM8FC the most excellent sharpening stone item.

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