Gerber 31-002072 Knife Review

This Gerber Grylls is a compact Parang that seems to have the mix of both a knife and machete. Usually in a survival scene, a machete is essential for cutting branches for shelter and firewood if stuck in a pen tangle. For having a shelter that is resistant to wind and water, more than 100 pounds of branches are needed, which takes almost six hours if only a knife is used.

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On the other hand, a compact Parang takes just a bit over an hour. This Parang should not only be easy to carry, but also durable, fitting in hands, and versatile enough to cut even a watermelon. If you are looking for such a tool, consider having Gerber 31-002072 Parang.

This tool is a modern version of the conventional Indonesian forest machete with the difference being in size. While the big size machetes and Parangs can take a toll of your shoulders, this one is shoulder-friendly, crafted out of decades of tool designing experience and adventure knowledge. The knife features a sturdy and thick blade that is capable of performing actions of several tools, such as cutting firewood, whacking through woody brush and thick grass, chopping veggies, and whittling fire starter.

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Small but Strong Blade

This compact Parang has an angled blade that makes clearing brush, cutting braches and vines, and chopping veggies quite efficient. It is easy to tackle even the thick underbrush. The full tang builds enhances durability and balance, while the powerful steel blade of high carbon promotes strength, easy re-sharpening, and resistance to corrosion.

The blade’s shape and size focuses weight in the direction of the tip so that you are ensured of more robustness for every swing. Moreover, the full tang builds and high carbon steel does not allow the blade to wobble, bend, or bow while hitting the hardwood.

Ergonomic Rubber Grip Handle

The handle is made up of strong plastic and features an ergonomic textured grip of rubber to minimize slippage as well as maximize comfort. It ensures non-slippery grip! While the handle fills in your hand, the button aside and jumbo bolster retains the snugness after perspiring swing. Further, to ensure your safety, a cord guards the grip by slipping around the wrist.

Some customers complain about the too thin handle width. Although true, this is what the design needs to be. Just try to swing with somewhat wrist’s flick for an hour to find out the significance of thinner handle. When you have completed using the Parang, you can simply glide it into its lightweight nylon sheath that is mildew-resistant as well as military-grade and fasten it to a belt or bag pack.

Features and Specifications Of Gerber 31-002072

  • 19.7 x 5.5 x 1.6 inches
  • 13.6 oz weight
  • 15-inch overall length
  • 9.34-inch full tang blade of high carbon stainless steel
  • Ergonomic textured polypropylene handle with rubber grip and lanyard cable
  • Nylon sheath resistant to mildew
  • Land to air rescue and SOS instructions and Priorities of Survival guide

Customer Reviews and Scores Of Gerber 31-002072

At the time of writing this review, I came across 224 reviews that together made up for an average score of 4.5 stars. Of these, almost 70% reviews have commented positively by giving 5 stars and revealing pros such as compact, ideal for use in backcountry, solid weight, stiff angle blade, good grip, lightweight, perfect size to carry in backpack, sharp edge, single whack to clear thick vines, and well balanced.

Despite these pros, a few reviews have come up a major con of too skinny handle that alleviates comfort a bit. However, this does not stop other users from giving 5 stars to this product. Here are some customer reviews worth reading:

  • “We used the Gerber on our 4 day camping trip down the Green River in Utah, the Gerber was nice because it was used for several tools in one, cutting firewood, cutting limbs and branches away from our camp site, held next to me for comfort from the coyote’s in the area.”

  • This Parang has an angled blade, ideal for clearing brush or limbs. The steel blade is stiff enhances strength, and easy to sharpen. I like textured rubber grip, it is comfortable to use and does not feel like it will slip from your grip. It includes a lanyard cord which I really like it is an extra measure of security.

  • I found this knife super handy when clearing brush behind my house. The steel blade cut thru the low tree limbs and brush easily. The rubber grip was comfortable and it did not slip at all. I especially liked the nylon sheath that came for storing it in. It was nice for storage and safe keeping.”

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Consider this Parang from Gerber if you are in search of a lightweight, small, and versatile tool that can be handy in a backcountry while on an adventure.

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