Ka-Bar Black Cutlass Machete Review

Have you even seen a vendor chopping a coconut before you started to sip in the water from within? Well, I have seen them so closely that they open one big piece of coconut in just three rapid strikes after which it becomes easier to remove the hole for sipping. Once you are done, the vendor cuts the coconut into half in just one strike, for extracting the coconut meat and also creates a spoon in one go from the husk. If you want to be that smart vendor at home for enjoying coconut water without going out, it is indispensable to have the Ka-Bar cutlass machete.

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For such tasks, this machete bears a perfect weight that is well distributed! It is just not so heavy such that you get tired, but is still heavy enough to make gravity perform several such tasks easily as well as quickly.

The machete also retains its edge for easy slicing and clearing thickest brush of 1-inch trunks on a property line. Cutting is with least force in the first swing. Due to such easy function, even a four year old can help in clearing some brush using this tool without any problem (obviously under your supervision). Strategically, this machete is too short as compared to a conventional one to make your way in the woods, but it is big enough to work as a hatchet.

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The Blade

The 11-inch blade is well made and heavy. However, its length is shorter than your expectation or imagination. Despite this, its length is perfect: adequately short to strap to a pack’s side and yet long enough to prove effective.

With 4mm thickness, it is not weak or thin blade although the thickness is half of that of the Heavy Bowie. Because it is a machete, the blade is considerably thicker than other machetes, which proves to be sturdy for batonning.

The cutlass style of the blade facilitates working much like a chopper as well as a batonner. The cutlass has a good straight-topped blade for ensuring competent batoning. The cutlass shape puts most weight of the blade forward due to which chopping and swinging a breeze. Chopping is much safer with this machete than the hatchets I have used. Moreover, the risk of peeking off the wood or missing the mark is minimized with such a blade.

The balance is good, although the weight’s center is a bit more forward, but this is exactly needed for using such a tool. Further, the 1085 carbon-steel construction makes this blade more resistant to external harsh elements and abrasion. It also makes resharpening an easier task than stainless steel.

The Handle

The construction material for handle is durable. The handle is much cozy even in a big hand. It is ergonomic and features Kraton G thermoplastic build for the most wanted, non-slip grip. You also get a leather/Cordura sheath that gets within the belt conveniently.

Features and Specifications of Ka-Bar Black Cutlass

  • 1.12 lbs
  • 100% synthetic and imported
  • Made in Taiwan
  • 16.5-inch overall length
  • Sturdy, cutlass-shape 11-inch long blade made from 1085 carbon steel
  • Hollow grind
  • Ergonomically shaped handle with Kraton thermoplastic elastomer
  • Edge angle of 20 degrees
  • Leather/Cordura combination sheath

Customer Reviews and Scores of Ka-Bar Black Cutlass

At the time of writing this review, I found 189 reviews that together made up for an overall score of 4.5 stars. Of these, 77% reviews totally favored this tool machete and justified the same by revealing some major pros: good balance, durable handle material, sturdy and durable, not heavy, compact, portable, easy to re-sharpen, great edge retention even after heavy use, factory-sharp edge, ideal weight distribution, great grind, fitting even in extra large hand, good grip, strong sheath, lasting black finish, and abrasion resistant.

However, the remaining reviews pointed out a few cons such as not fully uniform coating, hard handle feel, need of frequent resharpening, and sheath not so friendly for left-handed users. Despite these cons, the customers prefer as well as recommend this machete without hesitation. Here are some customer reviews worth reading:

  • “I purchased this knife based on the brand name alone and I was not disappointed. It is very sturdy and handles most thick brush well. It is not as heavy as some other machetes I have used; I wouldn’t use it to take down any small trees, but it serves well as a heavy utility knife and is perfect for camping.”

  • “I had been wanting a larger utility knife/chopper for general yard work. I didn’t expect a whole lot for the price but was very pleasantly surprised when it arrived. It was reasonably sharp and the sheath is of decent quality. I’ve used it to chop willow and mesquite branches up to 2″ thick (or a little more) and it cuts very well and holds its edge. It has a very durable wrinkle finish that hasn’t come off yet and resists abrasion. It cleans up easily and hangs in my garage, ready for the next job!”

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This tool looks as a machete, but works like a hatchet. It is reliable for campsite tasks and brush clearing jobs.

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