Ka-Bar Vietnam War Commemorative Knife Review

Finding the best hunting, tactical knife can be challenging with so many options. However, just like for any other category out there, some knives do stand up in the crowd. They make the difference and can easily meet most people’s necessities, regardless of what they need a knife for.

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Ka-Bar Vietnam War Commemorative Knife Army is one of these knives. Many Ka-Bar knives are used in military branches and this one makes no exception either. It is an army knife, so it can meet a soldier’s needs on the field. Chances are it will handle yours too. So, what should you expect from it?

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Durable and Efficient Blade

The blade is directly responsible for the actual efficiency of a knife. In this model, the blade is less likely to disappoint. Instead, it is built to deliver. It is strong and powerful, but it also maintains its integrity regardless of your needs. It respects the popular design implemented in more Ka-Bar knives. It is straight and comes with a long cutting edge. The top edge also has a small cutting area close to the tip, which is extremely sharp.

The blade is entirely made of 1095 chrome vanadium. This material is known for its durability and sharpness. You can use the knife to hunt or even to build a small shelter. Sharpness retention will never be an issue. The blade measures seven inches in length and it is a little longer than the handle. In other words, the actual power is transferred to it. It is black coated, so it does not reflect light – great for hunters who need to stay hidden.

The blade carries the manufacturer’s logo, as well as a small sign that commemorates the Vietnam War. After all, this model is the Army Commemorative version of what was used in the respective war.

Durable Handle

The handle carries exactly the same quality standards. You are less likely to face any problems for as long as you will use this knife. It is thick and a bit shorter than the blade. However, it can match most hand sizes. Its brown profile matches the dark blade, so this knife also looks good. Just like most Ka-Bar knives, this one has been properly tested for quality and durability. Besides, the handle has a patented design, as well as a rough surface to prevent slipping. It makes no difference if you use it on a rainy day, underwater or with sweaty hands. You do not have to hold it too firmly because it will not slip.
The handle has a small guard right before the blade. No matter how hard you push this knife, even if your hand might slip, it will not go on the blade due to this guard. Therefore, you are less likely to hurt yourself. The butt is solid and excellent for emergency situations, such as breaking a window.

Sheath and Weight

The sheath is included in the package, so you do not have to buy it separately or look for a matching one. Even if you could find a matching one, it could not have matched the perfect shape and size, so the knife would slip or go through it. This sheath is not just durable, but also good looking.

As for the weight, Ka-Bar’s knife weighs 11.2 ounces. It feels great when you hold it. It is not too lightweight, so handling is precise. Cuts are also clean and clear. It is not too heavy either. Therefore, even if you need to use it for a few hours, you are less likely to go tired or feel any discomfort.

Features and Specifications of Ka-Bar Vietnam War Commemorative

  • Ideal for both collectors and everyday users
  • Used in the military
  • Tested for quality and durability
  • Fixed blade construction
  • 7 inch long blade
  • Blade made of 1095 chrome vanadium
  • Sharp tip
  • Weighs 11.2 ounces
  • Comes with its own sheath

Customer Reviews and Scores of Ka-Bar Vietnam War Commemorative

I went through 20 reviews while completing this report, only to find something negative about this knife. It scores 5 out of 5 stars, so it is basically rated to be perfect.

  • I got this knife for my dad because he’s a Vietnam veteran. It brought tears into his eyes. He uses it everyday on any outdoor activities. It looks so reliable that I got one for myself as well. What a great buy!”

  • Not sure what to mention first – the perfect weight, the razor sharpness or the beautiful design. I just love this knife. I abuse it everyday and it works like new.”

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In the end, Ka-Bar Vietnam War Commemorative Knife Army can easily imitate the knives used in war back then. It is still common in military branches, so it can obviously meet anyone’s needs in everyday outdoor activities.

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