Leatherman 64010101K Micra Multi-Tool Review

Unless you work in an industry that demands having tools on you all the time, chances are, you know how frustrating it is to need a knife or a screwdriver and not have one. People do not carry such things with them all the time – not even in their cars. But then, unexpected situations arise when least expected. At this point, a multi-tool is ideal. Multi-tools can be general or specialized. You can use them in any kind of outdoor experience – from camping to picnicking. They are small, compact and portable. Just make sure that the respective tools can match your needs though.

Leatherman 64010101K Micra Multi-Tool Review

Leatherman 64010101K Micra Multi-Tool has gained popularity as a reliable general multi-tool. It comes with some of the most popular tools one might need for an efficient operation. Also, it is designed to be durable and sturdy. But then, the more you know about it, the more informed your choice will be. So, what should you know about this multi-tool? What makes it such a good seller over the Internet?

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10 Tools in a Tiny Package

It has always been a challenge for manufacturers to go even smaller in size, but without altering quality or the number of tools. Unfortunately, there are some limitations. This unit is one of the most successful products from this point of view. It is not large at all, so you can keep it in a small pocket or somewhere inside the car. You will not even feel it while carrying it. With all these, it brings in 10 quality and sturdy tools – more than some larger multi-tools.

Screwdrivers are among the most common tools out there, so this unit comes with three different types. Also, you have scissors, tweezers and a knife. The nail file is not to be overlooked either, not to mention the ruler. Going out on a camping trip? How about picnicking? Without a bottle opener, you risk ruining the entire evening. Luckily, this model has a general bottle opener that will work on pretty much any type of design.

Small and Compact

The size is extremely important in a multi-tool. You do not want an oversize item because it becomes unpractical and uncomfortable. Instead, you want something so convenient that you can actually keep it always around. From this point of view, Leatherman’s multi-tool weighs less than 2 ounces. It is one of the smallest multi-tools created by this manufacturer. How about the size? When fully folded, it does not exceed 2.5 inches in length. It is so compact that you will barely notice it.

Another good news is that this multi-tool comes with a small hole on the handle, as well as a ring. In other words, you can attach it to your key chain. This way, you are less likely to lose it. There are no risks associated with having the multi-tool on you at all times. It will never unfold accidentally either.

High Quality Standards

Not all manufacturers come up with quality multi-tools. Many of them are made of cheap tin metal, so they will bend and give up on you out of nowhere. In order to avoid such problems, try to stay away from those multi-tools from gas stations. When it comes to quality standards, Leatherman does not fool around though. Just like most other units from this brand, this one is also made of stainless steel. Not only it is good looking and durable, but it is also lightweight and resistant to rust and corrosion.

Features and Specifications of Leatherman 64010101K

  • Weighs 1.8 ounces
  • 5 inches in length when closed
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Comes with 10 tools, including three screwdrivers and a knife
  • Has a ring for key chain attachment
  • Has a 25 year warranty
  • Does not have its own sheath

Customer Reviews and Scores of Leatherman 64010101K

There are more than 550 reviews for Leatherman’s multi-tool. It sells fairly well, especially for a multi-tool in its sizing segment. Its score is not to be overlooked either – 4.8 out of 5 stars. Although you might find some complaints too, it is by far one of the best rated products from Leatherman.

  • “This multi-tool is not new at all. Its generation is older and I’ve had one before, so I knew what I was buying. The new model looks a bit different though – in a positive way. The good news is I can use it everywhere.”

  • “The tool is perfect for my camping trips and work tasks. I use it when I fix small stuff at home too, but also in the backyard while gardening. It’s just so versatile…”

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In the end, there are no doubts that Leatherman 64010101K Micra Multi-Tool can impress with the rapport for sizing and capabilities, hence its popularity in all kinds of tasks.

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