Leatherman 831429 Sidekick Multi-Tool Review

A multi-tool can often make the difference between a frustrating job and a simple one. You may not always have all your large tools around, especially when unexpected situations arise. How many people actually have screwdrivers and knives on them in order to solve specific problems? Exactly! But with a small and portable multi-tool, all these tools are available at a glance. Solve problems in no time and avoid the discomfort and frustration of not having the tool on you. You can keep it in the pocket or inside your car. You never know when you might need it.

Leatherman 831429 Sidekick Multi-Tool Review

When it comes to actual multi-tools, the market is quite diversified. There is something for everyone out there. You do have to do your homework though. What kind of tools do you need? Looking for something general for everyday tasks? This is when Leatherman 831429 Sidekick Multi-Tool steps in. Leatherman’s products are known for the high quality standards and this one makes no exception either. But then, what are the most important features to pay attention to before buying?

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More Tools, More Versatility

The more tools a multi-tool has, the better. But at the same time, you would rather have 10 quality tools than 20 cheap tin tools. Not only this model respects quality, but it also comes with plenty of general tools. From this point of view, you got two knives. One of them is serrated, while the other one is plain. You also have spring action regular and needle nose pliers, not to mention the wire cutter – also based on spring action. Screwdrivers could not miss from such a multi-tool either. There are three of them – small, medium and Phillips.

The wood and metal file is just as handy. Plus, you have a little saw too. Going on a camping trip? You definitely need something to open those cans and bottles. Consider it done! You have a can opener, as well as a bottle opener. The one inch ruler is just as helpful for small measurements.

The Optimal Materials

This multi-tool is made of stainless steel. As for the knife blades, they are made of 420HC steel. These materials are known for their reliability. They will not rust, just like they will not corrode either. When it comes to outdoor adventures, you cannot actually keep the multi-tool in dry conditions. Whether it rains or the grass is wet, you will always expose it to such conditions, hence the necessity of a resistant material.

As for its actual protection, it comes with a nylon sleeve. It is not like the tools might open up accidentally. It is less likely to happen, yet this extra feature makes carrying the multi-tool more comfortable.

Extra Features and Sizes

Apart from the nylon sleeve, you also have a removable pocket clip. This pocket clip is ideal if you want to keep the multi-tool nearby at all times. Attach it to your pocket or belt and you can enjoy your outdoor adventure. The clip is so tight that you do not have to worry about losing the multi-tool.

Sizing is quite important too. This multi-tool weighs 7 ounces only. Carrying it around will not be such a discomfort. It measures 3.8 inches in length when closed. Each blade measures 2.6 inches. It is more than enough for basic activities. Sure, you cannot go hunting with it, but it does help when preparing food, cutting something or even skinning small prey.

Features and Specifications for Leatherman 831429

  • 420HC steel knife blades
  • 3 screwdrivers and other tools
  • Ruler included – one inch
  • Removable pocket clip
  • Stainless steel design
  • Nylon sleeve
  • Weighs 7 ounces
  • 8 inches when closed
  • Blades measure 2.6 inches each

Customer Reviews and Scores for Leatherman 831429

There are more than 850 reviews for this multi-tool, so it sells well. Obviously, there must be something good about it. Things go even better – the overall score is 4.7 out of 5 stars. Although you may still find some negative reviews here and there, they cannot compete against the positive ones.

  • I truly recommend this multi-tool. It has the most common and basic tools you might need. This is what makes it so special – you can use it anywhere, at home, at work, on camping trips, at a picnic, in the military and so on…”

  • I was a bit anxious about a general multi-tool because I knew I’ll use it almost everyday, so I thought these things are not qualitative enough. I was wrong! I don’t know about other brands, but this thing from Leatherman is flawless!”

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As a short final conclusion, Leatherman 831429 Sidekick Multi-Tool is clearly worth a shot. This multi-tool can become your right hand in a series of situations, regardless of your tasks.

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