Leatherman Wingman Multi Tool Review

A multi-tool does not seem the most sophisticated thing in the world. Sure, you have more tools gathered together in one small tool. It is versatile, useful and portable. It comes with some amazing benefits as well. However, no matter how simplistic it seems, the truth is that multi-tools can get quite diversified. They often imply doing your homework, rather than buying random stuff. Buy things randomly and you will face a lot of frustration and stress. After all, multi-tools have more tools. You have to make sure that you get what you need.

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When it comes to researching the market, the wide plethora of possibilities will overwhelm you. Fortunately, you do not have to go through all of them, but just check the front runners. This is when Leatherman Wingman Multi Tool steps in. Leatherman’s reputation is flawless, while this multi-tool comes with the right tools, portability and durability. Now, what are the most important specifications to know about?

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Optimal Tools for Optimal Operations

Knowing the actual tools in a multi-tool is one of the main considerations in the process. From this point of view, this unit is less likely to disappoint you. It comes with spring action pliers, as well as needle nose pliers. If you need a wire cutter, you got it – a spring action model. The wire stripper is not to be overlooked either, not to mention the screwdrivers. You have three different modes – a small and a large one, as well as a Phillips one. As for the spring action scissors, the operating principle is similar to the wire cutter.

The combo knife adds to the versatility, regardless of your needs. You also have a wood and metal file, as well as two openers – one for cans and one for bottles. With this kind of tools, it makes no difference if you go to

Quality and Durability

Worried that your multi-tool might be made of cheap tin? Worried that the screwdriver might wreck while using it for the first time? How about the knife? Is it going to bend if you apply a little pressure? Leatherman does not fool around when it comes to quality standards. For example, the combo knife is made of 420HC steel. This kind of steel is popular for two reasons – it is flexible, but it is also strong. Other than that, it will not rust or corrode, especially as no one expects you to use the multi-tool in perfect weather conditions only. The body and handles are made of stainless steel.

As for the actual durability, it has never been a problem in Leatherman’s products. Long warranties and quality materials add to your peace of mind.

Extra Features and Sizes

if there is one negative part to think about, that is the missing sheath. This multi-tool does not come with a sheath. However, it is so solid that you will not even need it. It will never unfold accidentally. All blades are lockable. Moreover, you do not necessarily have to keep it inside your pocket. After all, it has a clip too. You can attach it to your belt. The clip is removable though. Tools in this multi-tool open up on the outside for a more comfortable experience.

In terms of sizing, this unit barely weighs 7 ounces – lightweight, comfortable and portable. When closed, it measures 3.8 inches. The combo knife blade measures 2.6 inches.

Features and Specifications of Leatherman Wingman

  • Comes with 12 tools
  • Does not have a sheath
  • 420HC steel combo knife
  • Has a rules – 1.5 inches
  • Removable pocket clip
  • Body and handles are made of stainless steel
  • Locking blades
  • Tools open up on the outside
  • 8 inches in length when closed
  • 6 inch blade
  • Weighs 7 ounces

Customer Reviews and Scores of Leatherman Wingman

With more than 1,580 reviews, there are no doubts that Leatherman has done a great job. Not only this multi-tool sells good, but it also has a great overall score – 4.6 out of 5 stars. Despite the good ratings, you might find some complaints too.

  • This thing is pure quality. You can tell that as soon as you get it. It’s not made of cheap tin metal, but real metal, steel. I’m using it at work, but it never misses from my camping trips either. It’s just good to have this tool around!”

  • There’s nothing I can complain about – high quality, the right tools, durable features… I just dislike the fact that it doesn’t have a sheath. I’m not always wearing a belt. It has a pocket clip though.”

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In th end, Leatherman Wingman Multi Tool becomes a solid choice for a series of necessities. It goes well in gardening, camping, military activities or survival adventures. It is less likely to disappoint.

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