LINKYO Electric Knife Sharpener Review

Electric sharpeners used to be more popular in professional kitchens. A decade ago, they were mostly available in restaurants or professional sharpening services. Today, they are widely accessible, so they are just as handy for residential kitchens as well. I decided to buy one only because I was tired of spending a fortune on local sharpening services. After all, I have a special knife for pretty much anything – meat, veggies and so on. However, my first choice was terrible – the store down the street, one month warranty and burned circuits within three months. I decided to invest in a more professional unit then.

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I started researching various brands over the Internet and discovered LINKYO. LINKYO is well known for its cutlery related tools, but what really drew my attention was the impressive amount of positive reviews. While going through its products, LINKYO Electric Knife Sharpener Featuring Automatic Blade Positioning Guides seemed the perfect choice. This electric sharpener leaves no room for mistakes. It is easy to use, but also safe. You can easily tell that it is well fit and built, so it is likely to support your needs for many years. Now, what kind of other features should you expect from it? Why is it so well rated over the Internet?

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Simplicity, Ease of Use and High Performance

Even if this is the first knife sharpener you use, chances are you will get used to it in no time. This knife is built to deliver performance. It is quick to use, but also simple. You can use it right out of the box. It is finally the time to sharpen knives like a professional right in your kitchen. Worried about the safety standards? No need to! The solid and compact design prevents all kinds of accidents. However, it does pay off to try it out with a cheap or useless knife, only to become familiar with it. There are not too many risks to damage your knives, but it is definitely worth practicing a bit before putting your best knives in.

When it comes to the actual performance, making mistakes is quite hard, but not impossible. This is what makes the knife sharpener so helpful for both newbies and experienced users. When putting the blade in, you got an automatic positioning guide. Basically, the device guides you by the book, only to ensure that the knife stays in the perfect position. No pressure is needed during the sharpening activity. The suction cup is built with nonslip characteristics in mind, so the sharpener stays firmly in place when used.

Stage Systems and Maintenance

LINKYO’s knife sharpener has a two stage system. What does it mean? The first system is mostly designed to reshape the angle, but also to sharpen the edge and give it a new profile. In simple words, it rejuvenates the blade. The second stage completes the sharpening procedure. It is responsible for honing the blade, not to mention polishing the edge. Take your knives through both stages if they are too dull. If they only need a little maintenance, go through the second step only.

As for the maintenance, no sophisticated procedures are needed. The receptacles are less likely to go messy. The plugs are easy to remove once they catch the filings and metal shards as well.

Features and Specifications Of LINKYO

  • Measures 8.25×5.75×3.25 inches
  • Comes with a 3.5 foot cord
  • Easy to get used to
  • Can be used out of the box
  • Automatic blade positioning guide
  • Nonslip suction cup for stability
  • Two stage system for sharpening
  • Simple maintenance
  • Not to be used on serrated blades and scissors
  • Not to be submerged in water or cleaned inside the dishwasher

Customer Reviews and Scores Of LINKYO

I found about 90 reviews while writing the report on LINKYO’s knife sharpener. This model has no negative reviews – no one or two star reviews. It scores 4.9 out of 5 stars. Also, more than 99% of all users have rated it to be perfect or almost perfect.

  • “This is a must have for your kitchen. Even if your knives are not too dull right now, they will eventually get there. The sharpener is fast, easy to use and convenient. It’s an excellent buy!”

  • “The sharpener is clearly a great addition to any kitchen, especially since it uses stones in the sharpening process. There’s one thing I don’t like though. I know that basic sharpeners cannot deal with serrated blades, but many electric models do. This one failed to raise to my expectations.”

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As a short final conclusion, LINKYO Electric Knife Sharpener Featuring Automatic Blade Positioning Guides are definitely a solid device for pretty much any kitchen – from professional environments to residential kitchens. It can tackle most styles of knives in an efficient way, without causing any discomfort.

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