Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Knife Review

It is not uncommon to shell out several dollars for buying a fixed-blade knife for any kind of outdoor use. Although it is perfectly fine to pay extra for a quality utility tool as it is not wise to use such a knife without any prior experience of using survival knives. For those who are on a budget and those who are beginners, it is possible to obtain a quality knife with less money for building your skills and then upgrade to an advanced quality knife. If you are looking for a former kind of knife, the Morakniv Companion with carbon steel blade can be your most amazing bet.

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This Swedish knife is a reliable beater tool that fulfills the quality expectations of bushcrafters or any other outdoor performers. Designed by the Mora brand famous for its quality and affordability, this knife is all-in-one tool for outdoor fans. Its strong construction features a super sharp blade and a lightweight, durable handle to deliver a user-friendly experience.

As compared to bulkier and bigger knives, this one does not inflict stress on wrists despite being used for hours. When attached to the belt clip, the sturdy plastic sheath ensures carrying ease. Moreover, a drainage hole ensures that no moisture remains on the blade only to result in rusting.

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The Blade

With 4-inch of length and 0.1-inch of thickness, the blade is made using high carbon steel capable of holding an edge very well. This indicates that you will be able to re-sharpen it quickly without wasting much time. The sturdy blade size is also versatile to fulfill a variety of uses. High carbon steel is an ideal choice for tasks that insist durability. It performs well in jobs that demand high impact such as cutting wood or creating tinder.

Well, but the carbon steel is not resistant to rust that accumulates when put in water for a long time. However, this is taken care of through a plastic sheath that keeps moisture retention at bay. Nevertheless, in case of wet applications, you should dry the blade after use to keep corrosion at bay. Moreover, you should oil this blade regularly, if it cuts acidic foods such as oranges.

The Handle

This is made using sturdy plastic that contributes to the reliability and lightweight aspects. The ergonomic design ensures secured grip even if it is damp, which is one of the most wanted requirements of outdoor aficionados. This design is such that there is no risk of accidentally cutting your hand, no matter what you wish to cut with it.

Features and Specifications Of Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade

  • Made in Sweden; origin in the U.S.A
  • 9.1 x 1.9 x 1.4 inches
  • 4 ounces of weight
  • 0.08-inch blade thickness
  • 8.6-inch overall length
  • 4.1-inch long fixed blade of high carbon steel and with drop point
  • Patterned, high-friction grip for easy handling and comfort feeling
  • Plastic sheath
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Customer Reviews and Scores Of Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade

At the time of writing this review, I found 1,644 reviews of this outdoor survival knife, together forming an average of 4.7 stars. More than 80% reviews gave full 5 stars and praised its capabilities or pros: compact (not small), lightweight, sharp out of the box, functional clip and sheath, durable, versatile to cut tough things such as oak, good grip, superb edge holding ability, easy to sharpen, full tang, cheap price, comfortable handle, and no breaking or bending.

The rest also liked the knife, but mentioned some cons or limitations such as rust if not oiled occasionally and no finishing on the blade but that is okay. Actually speaking, these cons are not critical ones. Here are some worth reading customer reviews:

  • I was not familiar with Mora. According to what I have read regarding the company and their products, most people think highly of them. The knife is really a thing of beauty: compact, but not small by any means; lightweight; sharp as heck out of the package, etc. etc. At this price, cannot see any negatives. After a few weeks, and multiple applications- this is the best knife I have ever owned, period.”

  • “The first thing one notices about this knife as it slips out of the sheath is the integrity of the blade. Sharpened at the factory to a razor edge, it holds this edge a long time before the first sharpening has to occur. Whether you are cutting rope, chopping up vegetables, or any other task around camp, this knife is a tremendous tool. This might be the only tool you really need when you’re out there in the woods by yourself.”

  • “From bushcraft to the kitchen this knife ROCKS! I urge everyone to buy one, and at such an affordable price buy two! You won’t be disappointed period!”

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For the price at which it is available and the materials that are used, this knife is great for cooking, backpacking, and camping chores.

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