Schrade SCHKM1 Machete Review

At first glance, this Kukri machete appears quite professional with an expert work on non-slippery handle, reflecting black coating, and razor-like sharpness of the blade. However, when you bring it home and use it, the tool is not only professional but also extraordinary in terms of make, design, and performance. The weight is so balanced, given its design and size, that even a beginner can enjoy a good control while cutting some thick trees.

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This machete is expertly made, which is evident through its sturdy sheath with secured snaps and sharpener, thick and heavy blade, and comfortable handle of rubber molded around the base of the blade instead of separating the blocks that can fall apart. There is also a sling and belt loop so that you can carry the tool on a shoulder or waist. Both of them are attached to a Velcro strap so that they can remain out of the way when not in use.

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The Blade

The blade is full tang and made up of 3cr13 stainless steel. While this steel is an ideal protector from salty and humid environments, it does not last so long in front of lack of maintenance as well as elemental abuse from rain. Similarly, it can make sharpening difficult, but this is exactly what the extra accessories such as flint stone tend to ease out.

This steel is good in terms of hardness, but still it is soft enough to endure the non-stop high impact use. The thickness and heaviness are fine enough to make the blade hold up well through some thick cutting. The sharpness also retains well due to which there is no need of re-sharpen it frequently. The edge also stays free of dings. The cool thick spine is responsible for durability.

The blade effortlessly chops off limbs of diameter of 1-inch and above, in just a single swing. Even after using it incessantly for two hours to clear saw briars, brush, and low hanging limbs, brush and saw briars, the sharpness is as it is when you started.

The design of blade is tested, which is evident when it gives efficient output. The curved shape and bigger belly deliver maximum cutting power by consuming minimum swinging time. Further, there is reflective, but tough coating of black powder, which is quite durable and too thick to worn out easily.

The Schrade Safe-t Grip Handle

The handle is ultra ergonomic and fits easily in the hand of any size. Its length is adequate for slicing or gliding to the lower part changing its shape for heavy chopping with a tighter grip. The curvature ensures right distribution of blade’s weight and chopping power.

Features and Specifications of Schrade SCHKM1

  • 4.8 oz of weight
  • 19.5-inch overall length
  • 6.4-inch closed/handle length
  • 13.5-inch blade length
  • 1/8-inch thick blade
  • 3cr13 stainless steel blade construction with a coating of black powder
  • Safe-t-grip handle with rubber coating
  • Lanyard hole
  • Diamond stone sharpener, Ferro rod, and a flint and steel shipped

Customer Reviews and Scores of Schrade SCHKM1

While writing this review, I came across 189 reviews that formed an overall score of 4.7 stars. Of these, interestingly 80% reviews praised this machete and justified the same by mentioning a few pros: best edge retention, highly affordable, versatile use, sharpness out of the box, no slipping, full tang, fitting into larger hand, perfect weight and balance, strong sheath, double stitched and riveted sheath for extra strength, safe as only the cutting edge is exposed, and good sharpness and finishing.

The remaining reviews came up with some cons such as no comfortable belting possible, problematic sheath for left-handers, slippery if the handle is wet, harder to sharpen, need of proper maintenance due to stainless steel, and uncomfortable metal slip guard while chopping a lot. Nevertheless, these cons do not stop other customers from buying this tool. Here are some customer reviews worth reading:

  • “This is the best machete in the $50 price range, hands down. I collect a lot of knives and I use them. This blade will hold up to everything you would ever need it for practically. It is great for outdoor work and camp chores and is designed to work very nicely as a combat weapon.”

  • “To my pleasant surprise, this machete is really stout and has a full tang. It has a good heft to it and has enough weight behind it to give you an authoritative stroke/swing when chopping, cutting, etc. it came sufficiently sharp but could definitely use a touch up. It is not meant for fine cutting so I think it is good to go. Didn’t have any trouble cutting through small branches, etc.”

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This kukri fills the gap between a brush clearing and hatchet, quite well. This one is more inclined for self-defense because of its razor-sharp blade. However, it can also cut nicely via mildly rough branches with half a foot thickness.

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