Wusthof 3 Stage Electric Knife Sharpener Review

Electric knife sharpening systems are a wonderful means to hone a knife of your house. The electric knife sharpening tool made by the brand, Wusthof, is one of the popular products. I think that this sharpening tool, Wusthof 3 Stage, is beneficial for all professional cooks and home chefs. With this sharpener, I have saved much amount of my effort and time.

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In fact, many people know that the electrically run knife sharpener is easy. However, the level of simplicity of this sharpener is really beyond their expectations.

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No concern about the angle

You never require worrying on the angle because this is already set by the manufacturer. Thus, you do not need to do any guesswork. What you have to do while using the system is that you should apply the load of the cutlery in order to drag it through every slot. Then, allow its wheels perform their own work for you. Thus, you are not wrong, if you have chosen electric knife sharpener, especially of Wusthof.

This sharpener of Wusthof has been made specifically for those kinds of knives, which are based on Precision Edge Technology. But, do not worry. It will also be compatible with all other varieties of knives that you have in your house. In addition to it, this sharpener is highly capable of making the edge of serrated knives sharp, using the third slot. This is not possible in case of the manual sharpener.

Slots for different purposes and how to use them

In the primary slot, you can get coarse diamond graveled wheels, which are applied to treat the knife’s edge. Pass your cutting tool through this slot for setting the fresh edge. The angle of the wheels for the slot is fixed to fourteen degrees. Draw the knife’s blade through the gap for three swipes.

Then, the second slot holds finer quality diamond grind controls and precision angle points, and both these things help in producing the sharpest knife-edge. Here also, you need to draw your knife’s edge through the available slot for about two swipes.

On the last stage, you will get stropping discs of ultrafine quality, and this can rub the edge or frame of your knife blade.  The knife is needed to be pulled through it for three.

For daily treatment of your knife, you just have to make use of the last slot.  When the blade begins to require a slight more focus, you can apply 2nd and 3rd slots.  For those knives, which call for a thorough handling, you can begin at the first slot. On the basis of the use of the knives, you can simply have to utilize slot one, one or two times, every year.

Features and Specifications Of Wusthof 3 Stage

  • Sharpening stages- three
  • Possess non-slip base for protection
  • Include three years’ warranty
  • Comprehensible instructions included
  • Manufactured in America

Customers Reviews and Scores Of Wusthof 3 Stage

Wusthof 3 Stage achieved 4.6 stars from its users.

  • ‘‘The knife sharpening tool has gone beyond my expectations. I enjoy cutting my vegetables once again. I have applied no special skill for using the machine, although it is an electric machine.’’

  • ‘‘I like Wusthof sharpener. My previous sharpening tool was of J. A. Henkels. But, I faced some problem with that. Thus, I bought Wusthof sharpener and it gave me a great result.’’

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Wusthof 3 Stage is the most accessible sharpener that may be used for any purpose. You can also get this Wusthof 3 Stage at a very low cost.

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